Thank you for your interest in adopting or sponsoring one of our wonderful animals!

There are lots of loving dogs living at the sanctuary, all of which need constant care. Most of these dogs are waiting to be re-homed but sadly, in reality, the chances of them being adopted locally are slim. If you live in Thailand it is very easy to adopt a dog. And if you live abroad don’t worry, it is easier and cheaper to send a dog abroad than most would think!

Most of our dogs have come from the streets where they have suffered from horrific acts at the hands of humans who would be in jail, had these crimes been committed in the western world. While the sanctuary provides a safe refuge where we spend as much time with our animals as we can, we can never compare to a real and loving forever home.

These are not wild animals, they are just like our companion dogs at home. We work with them everyday and have fallen in love with each of them. If you would like advice on which dog would be best suited to you and your lifestyle, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us! While we are always happy to set up meetings for you and the dogs via the internet… why not make a trip of it and come to see the sanctuary for yourself? Surely there can be no better holiday than to experience all the culture and beauty of Thailand as well as taking home a new family member at the end! Not only would your life be changed forever but you will also be giving a dog the first proper home they have known.

Read about some of our Success Stories here!

Adopt a Dog

All of the dogs that are available for adoption have been spayed or neutured, have had all of their vaccinations and are microchipped. We have some absolute diamonds here  waiting for a loving home, so why not take a look at our dog profiles and see who takes your fancy! And remember- if you see a dog you like but can’t take home, why not sponsor it while it is waiting for it’s forever home?

Sponsor a Dog

This means that you can care for one of our dogs without taking it home. Just £10 would help to pay for your chosen dogs food and medical expenses for one whole month!

Sanctuary Residents

Most of our dogs here in the sanctuary are up for adoption but some are unable or unwilling to leave so will live out their lives in the comforts of the sanctuary. Feeding and caring for all the dogs is a huge strain on our finances, but we are committed to providing them the best quality of life possible. These special cases often need more in the form of medication due to health problems, and your regular donations through sponsorship help enormously to reduce the strain. 

All of the dogs featured on our site are currently permanent residents, so please take a look at their profiles and consider sponsoring one of these amazing animals!

Street Dogs

These are dogs that live on the streets of Sangkhlaburi and are fed by us daily. They have all been sterilised during one of our spay/neuter projects, are vaccinated and receive regular treatment and love from us! We look after them when they are sick, treat any wounds they have and look out for them wherever we can. They are happy living on the streets and enjoying the freedom that having no human has to offer. Looking after these street dogs have is essential for two reasons - not only does it keep the dogs healthy and improves their quality of life, but this also improves their relationship with the local people who are less afraid of and less likely to harm animals that appear to be in good condition. 

These guys are all lovely and deserve the best, so why not have a look though their stories and perhaps sponsor one?

How To Proceed

For more detailed information on our adoption procedures please contact us at or fill in the application form below:

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