Thank you for your interest in adopting or sponsoring one of our wonderful animals!

We currently have about 35-40 resident dogs and 7 resident cats under Thai Animal Sanctuary's care, all of whom are in need of a forever home. While our goal is to manage the local street animal population by running sterilisation programs and releasing animals whenever possible, there are certain cases where the decision is made to keep an animal under our care. While we do our absolute best to ensure that all our resident animals have the best quality of life possible, we can never compare to a real and loving forever home. Our main objective is to find permanent homes through our adoption program, as quickly as possible.

While we hope to see a time in the future where there is no longer a need for such an adoption program, we still have a long way to go!

All of our resident animals have come from the streets (either brought in or simply abandoned), where many have suffered cruel treatment at the hands of humans who would be in prison had these crimes been committed in the western world. There is a large street animal population in Sangkhlaburi and the surrounding areas, and many locals react the way they do because they are afraid. It is not uncommon for us to receive threats regarding certain animals, and in certain cases the best decision is to avoid conflict and keep the animal under our care. 

Adopting is a life-long commitment, and our resident animals are like family to us. If you are interested in adopting an animal and would like advice on which dog or cat would be best suited to you and your lifestyle, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly at or fill in the Adoption Enquiry Form below.

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Adopting & Sponsoring

Adopt an Animal

All of our dogs and cats that are available for adoption are featured on the Our Animals page. We have some absolute diamonds here still waiting for a loving home, so why not take a look at our profiles and see who takes your fancy! Please fill in our Adoption Enquiry Form below, or contact us directly at for information on a specific animal.

Sponsor an Animal

If like many of our volunteers you fall in love with an animal that you simply can’t take home, why not sponsor them while they are waiting for their forever home? Simply nominate an animal or animals of your choosing, and we will make sure your monthly donation goes directly to their care. Email us at for more information on how to set up a sponsorship.

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