Bernie & Arthur

This cheeky (and adorable!) pair are incredibly loving brothers who are always more than happy in each other's company.. the only catch is that they hate to share food! Here at the sanctuary we give them separate bowls and that seems to be enough keep them happy. Bernie is definitely the shyer of the two - he can be timid at first and will make you work for his cuddles, but once he is familiar with you he's lovely and sweet! 

Both boys love to play and walk very well on a lead. They don't tend to pay a lot of attention to other dogs during their walks which is a good thing, but they love to smell every single tree! Bernie loves the water, Arthur not so much but he still goes in to see what his brother is up to! We think they work very well as a team, and would suit someone looking for two dogs to explore the outdoors with.

Quick Facts

Name:  Bernie & Arthur

Sex:   Male (both)

DOB (approximate):  February 2014

Reason for admission: mother died in car accident, no owners

Resident since: March 2014

Neutered: Yes (both)

Suitable With:  Large or small family size, preferably together as brothers, outdoor access preferable

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