Buttons is a very special member of the Baan Unrak family. She is as cute as a dog can be - both personality and looks wise! With her soft, fluffy fur and what appears to be a constant smile on her face, she’s a true pleasure to cuddle and play with. Needless to say, Buttons would make for a fantastic first pet as she’s very lively and loves attention. She’s always one to make us laugh by sitting in a water bucket to cool down or chase after flies! Buttons grew up sharing a kennel with two slightly larger puppies and although she’s learned to stand her ground, she also knows when to give in and avoid confrontation.

Quick Facts

Name: Buttons

Sex: Female

DOB (approximate): January 2016

Reason for admission: found in a drain

Resident since: February 2016

Neutered: Yes

Suitable With: large or small family size, as single dog or with others, outdoor access preferable

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