Dave came to the sanctuary paralysed from the waist down, we're not entirely sure why but she doesn't seem to care! She's an incredibly loving dog, smiley and gorgeous. Anyone would fall in love with her, she's got a very friendly face and an even friendlier heart. She has the most beautiful brown eyes, and is very vocal! She loves to chat to all the volunteers and even sings to us sometimes! She's good with other dogs and very curious, she plays well with the other puppies but needs supervision as she sometimes falls out of her wheelchair in excitement! Dave can't be in her wheelchair all the time as she needs to lie down and rest, however when she is she is faster than any other dog. She loves running around and chasing balls - play time is her favourite! She can get a little bit nippy but that's purely because of her age, and this can be easily trained out of her. Dave is incontinent so would need a loving owner with time, patience and no cream carpets! She is definitely one of the favourites at the sanctuary, and brings a smile to anyones face.

Quick Facts

Name:  Dave

Sex: Female

DOB (approximate):  September 2015

Reason for admission: found at local market paralysed from the waist down and incontinent, no owners

Resident since: November 2015

Neutered: Yes

Suitable With:  Large or small family size, with other dogs or as single dog, outdoor access preferable

How you can help