♂ JET ~ Resident Since 2017

Introducing Mr. Jet! This gorgeous little boy is about 6 months old, and everyone at the sanctuary has fallen completely in love with him - especially our sanctuary manager Denise! 

He was brought to the volunteer house early one morning extremely weak and with severe diarrhoea - once he had fully recovered and the people who brought him in were contacted, we found out that the phone number they had given him was no longer in use! As he was so young we could not contemplate putting him back out on the streets alone, and the rest is history.

This clever little boy will make the perfect companion for any dog lover! He is a quick learner and already knows how to follow commands for 'paw' and 'sit'. He is being socialised so will be comfortable in a home either as a single dog or with other canine companions, and he absolutely loves people as well. 

Quick Facts

Name: Jet

Sex: Male

DOB (approximate): March 2017

Description: all black with small white patches, short-haired

Reason for admission: no owners/owners never returned 

Resident since: May 2017

Neutered: Pending - castration scheduled for beginning of July 2017

Suitable with: large or small family size, as single dog or with others, outdoor access preferable

How you can help