Leo and her sister Chang were brought to the sanctuary in the summer of 2015, after they had been abandoned at a local restaurant. With their mother nowhere in sight and unable to fend for themselves, they instantly became a part of our eccentric family. Like her sister, Leo has the most striking eyes and beautiful tabby and white colouring, and both cats are sweet, curious and playful. Since these sisters have both lived at our volunteer house since they were kittens, we would love to find them a forever home together!

Chang and Leo are spayed and fully vaccinated, and are ready to find a family of their own!

Quick Facts

Name: Leo

Sex: Female

DOB (approximate): July 2015

Reason for admission: abandoned at a a local restaurant as a kitten, with sister Leo

Resident since: August 2015

Neutered: Yes

Suitable With: :Large or small family size, preferably with sister Chang, outdoor access recommended but not mandatory

How you can help