Lulu is the biggest dog in her pen, but she's a huge softie! She is so happy to see you when you come to her, but she is very calm. She's not over powering but she has a huge smile and wags her tail like mad as soon as she sees anyone! She gets on well with the other dogs and loves to play with them, but she has also learnt to fetch and play catch! Lulu loves to go in the water, she jumps in and out and loves to make splashes. She has also taken well to walking on a lead, and we know that this bubbly, sweet girl would thrive outside the sanctuary in a loving family environment... and with someone who likes to play!  

Quick Facts

Name:  Lulu

Sex:   Female

DOB (approximate):  January 2014

Reason for admission: broken leg from being hit by a car, no owners

Resident since: March 2014

Neutered: Yes

Suitable With:  Large or small family size, with other dogs or as single dog, outdoor access preferable

How you can help