Maggie suffered a lot of severe abuse in her previous home, and has the scars to show it. She is doing amazingly well now and it's wonderful to see her interact with the other dogs. This gorgeous girl has grown-up puppies of her own now (including our very own Mack!), but also takes on a motherly role with the rest of the sanctuary residents. Maggie is understandably very shy at first, but once you gain her trust she loves a scratch behind the ear and even enjoys playing tug-of-war! Her beautiful Amber eyes, broad doggy smile and crooked ear will melt your heart! Maggie longs for a kind and gentle family to show her love and take care of her, and we would love nothing more than to see her thrive outside of the sanctuary in her very own forever home.

Quick Facts

Name:  Maggie

Sex:   Female

DOB (approximate):  December 2007

Reason for admission: beaten and starved by owners, rescued with her puppy Mack

Resident since: August 2010

Neutered: Yes

Suitable With:  Ideally smaller family size, with other dogs or as single dog, outdoor access preferable

How you can help