♂ MOO MOO ~ Resident Since 2015

Our darling Moo Moo might just be one of the most stunning dogs we have ever seen! He was brought to us with a broken leg and eventually made a full recovery, but much like many cases we see unfortunately his owners never returned to picked him up.. so he ended up joining our family instead! 

Moo Moo is medium to large in size, and would be the perfect family dog - he is super friendly with all people and loves attention, as well as being a very good listener - he has even recently been trained to sit! Which is quite an impressive skill here at the sanctuary.

He is also very playful and gets on well with the other dogs in his pen, so wether you are looking for your first fur friend or already have a dog at home, Moo Moo would be the perfect addition to any household. Aside from just being a lovely and friendly dog, he is also incredibly soft and has the cutest black face and fluffy tail! Ideally Moo Moo would do best in a slightly more temperate climate due to his (gorgeous) thick coat, but most importantly we want to find a safe and loving forever home for this sweet boy because he just has so much love to give.

Quick Facts

Name:  Moo Moo

Sex:   Male

DOB (approximate):  June 2014

Reason for admission: brought in to sanctuary with a broken leg, owners never returned

Resident since: October 2015

Neutered: Yes

Suitable With:  Large or small family size, with other dogs or as single dog, outdoor access preferable

How you can help