Nembu came to the sanctuary with his brother Zolli at a very young age, so the sanctuary is all he knows. He gets on very well with the other dogs in his pen and loves to lie around in the sun. Nembu is a strong dog, but walks very well on the lead and loves to go for a dip in the lake when he goes out on his daily walks. He is often shy at first, but once he gets to know you he really enjoys a cuddle and lots of attention! This sweet boy loves play time and having company, and would be a wonderful dog to have around the house. 

Quick Facts

Name:  Nembu

Sex:   Male

DOB (approximate):  April 2011

Reason for admission: dumped at the sanctuary

Resident since: June 2011

Neutered: Yes

Suitable With:  Large or small family size, with other dogs or as single dog, outdoor access recommended

How you can help