♀ PEW PEW ~ Resident Since 2014

Pew Pew is such a little cutie - we can't believe she hasn't been adopted yet!

Although she can be a bit timid when first meeting people she is the most loving, sweet-natured girl that just loves to play catch and tug of war. She has come leaps and bounds since we first met her as a puppy in 2014, when a group of locals were harassing and threatening to poison her simply because she suffered from mange. Now that she has fully recovered she is gaining confidence day by day - although she can still be quite nervous and jumpy in busy areas, our brave girl now walks really well on a lead and is doing great at adjusting to her environment and the people around her.

Pew Pew is an all-round sweetheart of a dog; she is gentle, curious, playful, cheeky and very keen to learn. Like most of our resident dogs she spreads happiness wherever she goes and will always put a smile on your face, so we can't wait to see her in a forever home where she can truly thrive and come into her own!

With time, patience and a loving home we know she will blossom into a confident and caring housemate. She loves playing with both people and dogs alike and is always very gentle, so she will fit perfectly into any family size. Pew Pew would be the ideal companion for someone who doesn't live in a big, busy city, and who has the time to give her all the affection she needs to feel secure and loved.

Quick Facts

Name:  Pew Pew

Sex:   Female

DOB (approximate):  August 2014

Reason for admission: locals threatened to poison her - suffered from Mange

Resident since: September 2014

Neutered: Yes

Suitable With:  Ideally smaller family size, with other dogs or as single dog, outdoor access preferable

How you can help