Pickles came to the sanctuary with a bad case of Mange, and was brought to us because locals were threatening to poison him. Despite this difficult start in life our sweet boy has grown into a gentle and loyal companion! Although he is fine when inside the sanctuary grounds and has come leaps and bounds since he first arrived, Pickles is still very alert and cautious towards the outside world. That being said, he absolutely loves human attention and contact! Although he can be a bit bossy with other dogs at times.. We would love to see Pickles in a home where he can feel safe and loved, with someone who is willing to help him overcome his fears!

Quick Facts

Name: Pickles

Sex: Male

DOB (approximate): August 2014

Reason for admission: locals threatened to poison him (suffered from Mange)

Resident since: September 2014

Neutered: Yes

Suitable with: Smaller family size preferable, ideally as single dog, outdoor access preferable, no large/busy cities

How you can help