Little Quentin is a bit of a star among the dogs at the sanctuary. When we first found him, his owners had neglected him so much that he was being eaten alive by fleas. Upon shaking him, he’d lose them like a pepper mill dispenses pepper... Now however, he’s fully recovered and as healthy and happy as a puppy can be! Not a day goes by without him playing with other - often much larger - dogs! He’s totally fearless of the other dogs and full of energy to such an extent that you would never imagine that he spent two months surrounded solely by Baan Unrak volunteers. But on the plus side this time spent with his new human friends has made little Quentin a dog who loves contact with people so much that he can't go without his daily cuddles!

Quick Facts

Name: Quentin

Sex: Male

DOB (approximate): May 2016

Reason for admission: dumped at clinic with chronic flea infestation

Resident since: July 2016

Neutered: Yes

Suitable With: large or small family size, as single dog or with others, outdoor access preferable

How you can help