Some dogs can be a bit of handful, but Spotter is not one of them... he’s at least two or three hands full! But we love him that way. At just over 25kg, Spotter is a big boy with strong legs and wide shoulders. He’s as much ‘dog’ as a dog can be, he loves his long walks and never tires of playing. If he’s not done yet he will make sure to let you know by gently poking you with his large paws. Being the bouncy ball of energy that he is, Spotter absolutely loves getting attention from humans. Despite his stature and strength, he is a real sweetheart (dare we say baby!) deep down and will get on his back for belly rubs in no time. We would love to find our Spotter a home where he can be his usual gregarious self, with someone who has the time to give him the training he needs!

Quick Facts

Name: Spotter

Sex: Male

DOB (approximate): Unknown, estimated 2014

Reason for admission: beaten by owners

Resident since: July 2015

Neutered: Yes

Suitable With: :Large or small family size, only as single dog, outdoor access necessary

How you can help