♂ WATERBELLY ~ Resident Since 2011

Sometimes the reason for admittance to the sanctuary is fairly obvious,and the name of this particular boy is a definite giveaway! Waterbelly got his name because when he came in his belly was so bloated, the vets would treat him and it would just swell up again! The name suits him though and he is now one of the strongest dogs at the sanctuary. If he doesn't want to go in a certain direction on the walk... He won't! 

He is so cute with his huge head and tiny ears, is incredibly soft and loves to be brushed. Our modest boy is usually the one to hang back when volunteers enter his pen, but as soon as he catches your eye and wags his fluffy tail there is no way to resist giving him a cuddle!

Waterbelly has been at the Sanctuary for almost 7 years now, so we are really determined not to let it get to 8. We would love to find him a forever home with someone to look after him, treat him, and show him all the affection he deserves.

Waterbelly is a sweet and calm boy gets who on very well with the other dogs as well as all of our volunteers. However as a more mature dog we do recommend a home where he is the only animal and he can be the "man of the house", as this would suit him better and avoid any potential conflict with other pets. This loving boy would be best suited to a new home with an enclosed garden and plenty of regular walks and activity.

Quick Facts

Name:  Waterbelly

Sex:   Male

DOB (approximate):  December 2010

Reason for admission: ascites, no owners

Resident since: December 2011

Neutered: Yes

Suitable With:  Large or small family size, as single dog, outdoor access preferable

Comments: Sometimes we can only imagine the horrors that our rescues have been subjected to before they arrive with us and Waterbelly is one of these cases - he has been known to show aggression only to Thai people so for that reason we will only be accepting applications within US/Canada or Europe. 

How you can help