Xena & Xyla

These two lookalikes are in fact very loving sisters! They get on really well together and tend to get on well with other dogs as well. Xyla is fantastic with every dog while Xena is slightly more cautious, but they both are very easy going girls. This pair would thrive in a family home - they are calm but not shy, they are friendly but not over-excitable, and they are very loving dogs that love giving kisses! Xena also loves to swim (she's always in the lake when she gets the chance) while Xyla loves having her fur brushed and is an absolute lady. These two are such characters and they need an owner to match!

Quick Facts

Name:  Xena & Xyla

Sex:   Both female

DOB (approximate):  Unknown, estimated 2014

Reason for admission: no owners, weak and needing medical attention

Residents since: August 2014

Neutered: Yes (both)

Suitable With:  Large or small family size, preferably together as sisters, outdoor access preferable

How you can help