♂ YOKI ~ Resident Since 2012

Yoki was brought to the sanctuary several years ago with multiple fractures, after being hit by a car. Now fully recovered, this boy's boy has grown into a loveable chap and is always on hand to give plenty of kisses to his human friends. 

Yoki has unique colouring and is a very handsome boy - he is one of the biggest dogs at the sanctuary alongside Spotter and Nembu. While he gets along very well with our volunteers and people in general, he is definitely a typical dominant male when it comes to other dogs. He gets along well with his pen-mates, and while he is not aggressive we think that he would be better suited to a single-dog household - he is not the best at sharing! 

All i all Yoki is a loveable boy who will put his entire body weight on you until you pet him just how he likes! He loves to chew and play games, and we would love to see him thrive outside the sanctuary with someone who can give him the attention and training he needs and deserves

Quick Facts

Name:  Yoki

Sex:   Male

DOB (approximate):  October 2011

Reason for admission: multiple fractures after being hit by a car, no owners

Resident since: April 2012

Neutered: Yes

Suitable With:  Large or small family size, preferably as single dog, outdoor access preferable

How you can help