Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering in Thailand

Vegetarian lunch and dinner is available to all of our volunteers in the Baan Unrak School Monday to Friday during the school term.
Otherwise there is cheap food (75p/$1+ a meal) and accommodation (£2/$3+ a night) available locally.

Aside from loving animals, volunteers need to be enthusiastic, flexible, work well in a small team, and show initiative – as there won’t always be someone around to tell you what to do! We provide a highly detailed handbook to all prospective volunteers that keep them fully apprised of the conditions they are likely to face, and the work they are likely to do. To ensure safety, every volunteer is required to read this handbook, sign the appended disclaimer BEFORE arriving and follow the instructions explicitly.

All volunteers are EXPECTED to assist with looking after the sanctuary residents, which include regular daily tasks such as dog walking, cleaning cages, socialising with the animals, and cleaning bedding. In addition there are always plenty of other projects such as sanctuary repairs, maintenance, and lots and lots of cleaning tasks! Not all of the tasks are fun, some of them are hard work, and some are a bit dirty. But all of them are important to keep the sanctuary running and help the animals of Sangkhlaburi.

In addition to the regular daily tasks, volunteers with veterinary experience can assist with daily treatments, consultations, and the sterilisation project.

Generally, volunteers start at 8:00am and work until 5:00pm with a break for lunch. Volunteers are expected to be flexible as the hours may vary depending on how many volunteers are in the sanctuary and what happens during the day.

Volunteers work on a weekly rota/roster with one day off per week. We appreciate your time and hard work and will try to accommodate requests for additional time off where we can.

See Volunteer Form below!

Volunteer from Home

From anywhere: give just a few hours of your time weekly to help us in the following areas:

If you are interested in helping out in any of these ways, we’d love to hear from you!
Please e-mail us at info@thaianimalsanctuary.com or fill in the volunteer application form below:

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